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Our Story

Novelty International started its’ journey in 2005 as a Trading company representing foreign manufacturers and suppliers in the area of pharmaceutical machinery and quality control equipments. Through a successful journey over the years our company has developed its’ capacity to deliver and expanded into exclusive turn-key solution for Pharmaceutical Clean Room including Conceptual Design, Construction, Installation and Validation together with supply of Panel System, HVAC System, Equipments, Machinery & Utilities. However, we also offer the installation and commissioning of Water Treatment System and we have extended our area of operation to food & Beverage machinery.   

Mission & Vision

Since the establishment our mission was to accomplish the position among the leaders in this field through providing higher quality & best service. Our plan is to select more global brands especially from Europe and provide the best solution to the local Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Industries. We believe we can secure our future and turn into a brand as leaders. Among 50+ workers, we have a well trained team of Engineers to provide the Maintenance & Service, Marketing Executives to uphold the Emerging market and strong administration.

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Our Objectives

  • We value our customers!
  • Good Commitment
  • On-time Activities
  • Close Monitoring System on the business
  • Higher Quality and Best Service to the clients
  • Satisfy the customers by fulfilling their requirements.
  • Maintaining long-term relationships with the clients.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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Syed Md Nurul Alam

Proprietor and CEO

Our Clients

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